Taj Cafe

The most recent restaurants I’ve eaten at weren’t discovered by me. My coworker friend Franziska is always finding the new and good places to eat, and I am always an eager volunteer to go along to try it out with her during our break.

Most recently we started going to the Taj Cafe, a small Indian restaurant with only patio seating and a lunch menu for just under $10 (about 5.000CLP) that includes salad, juice, and the main entree of chicken, shrimp or vegetarian curry with rice and naan. They have a regular menu, but the curry is just. so. good.

We like it SO much so that Franziska hired their head chef to come and teach us (and consequently prepare) how to cook some of the items on their menu for a bachelorette party. It took 4 hours for him to make everything with six girls gawking over the kitchen counter, but the end result was worth it. He made cilantro-mint chutney with samosas, chicken masala, butter chicken, koliwada fish, basmati rice and topped it off with an ice cream called Kulfi.

The place isn’t to go out to a fancy dinner, the environment isn’t like that. But for lunch or a casual dining option, I like it.

It’s technically on Santa Magdalena between Providencia and Andrés Bello, but it’s not exactly on the street. It is more in between Santa Magdalena and Ricardo Lyon. It’s behind the Dos Caracoles mall where there is a wide pedestrian sidewalk lined with various restaurants.

The exact address is Santa Magdalena 92, local 10, and they’re open Monday-Saturday from 12-4pm and 7-11pm.

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