I’ve eaten at Kitcheng twice. It’s sushi reserved for special occasions. However, they have a Chinese food menu as well, but I’d recommend their Japanese menu. Their sushi is delicious and the pieces are massive.

Andrés was recommend to Kitcheng by a fellow sushi lover. We love sushi, we eat it once a week, so obviously we’d spring and spend a good amount of money for good sushi. I don’t like the taste of fish…that fishy-fish taste makes me sick to my stomach, but Andrés convinced me a few years ago that sushi isn’t like that, like what most people think it is, and I haven’t looked back since.

Here are my favorite rolls (though they’re all good):

Rock and Roll, with stir-fried meat, cream cheese and scallions rolled in rice with breaded chicken.

Cata Roll with calamari tempura, spicy sauce and scallions rolled in rice with breaded chicken.

Tepanyaki with salmon tempura, scallions and cream cheese rolled in rice with spicy sauce and sesame seeds.

Kitcheng is in Las Condes, located at Avenida Colón 5930 (at the corner of La Capitiana). Their hours are M-F from 12-3:45pm and 7:15-11:15pm (11:45pm on Fridays), Saturdays from 12-11:45pm and Sundays from 12-3:45pm.


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